Avalon Eco Resort


The resort is located on Hwy 637, on Tyson Lake, Killarney, Ontario, Canada, 29K in from Hwy 69. Avalon Eco Resort was established in 2004 and provides a great home base for vacationers visiting the Killarney area and the Park. Tyson Lake and its many tributaries offer great paddling, exploring and fishing adventures.

We are a solar operated facility. We conserve energy so that Mother Earth and Father Sky can sustain.  “This land is not ours, it is borrowed from our Grandchildren.”  ~Black Elk





The area was first settled in 1820 by French Canadian fur trader Étienne Augustin de Lamorandière and his Anishinaabe wife Josephte Saisaigonokwe. A trading post was established and called  Shebahonaning, an Ojibway name, meaning canoe passage. There are no historical details when the name of the town changed to Killarney. Hwy 637, connecting Killarney to Hwy 69, was constructed in 1961/62. The road officially opened July 20, 1962. Prior to its construction, the community relied primarily on water transport via Georgian Bay and the North Channel (Lake Huron). The town is also served by the small Killarney airport.



Killarney Provincial Park


In 1959 the Killarney Park area was set aside as a wilderness preserve. In 1964, with the help of lobbying efforts by the Group of Seven, 4,000 square miles (10,000 km2) of Georgian Bay shoreline were set aside as a wilderness reserve and Killarney became a provincial park. The area showcases the wild Georgian Bay Coast of pink granite, the La Cloche Mountain range with white quartzite ridges and over 50 clear, sapphire lakes.