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We have lots of different activities for guests to enjoy! Please scroll down to view the activities we offer at Avalon Eco Resort.

Scenic View of Lake


The breathtaking beauty of Killarney has inspired artist from around the world, most notable the work of the Group of Seven. Majestic white granite cliffs, blue sparkling lakes, pink granite shoreline of Georgian Bay and soaring red and white pines await the artists palette. Each season offers a different beauty from wild flowers in spring to the blazing colours in fall.

Killarney Provincial Park offers art-in-the-park and artist-in-residence programs during the season. To view more information please click here.

With 645 square kilometers of wilderness landscape, let the ‘drawer’ in you emerge and find your own unique way of expressing yourself on canvas.

View From Killarney Provincial Park


Whether you take photo’s for the love of the hobby or you are a professional photographer, Killarney is the place to shoot, offering spectacular landscape views for your camera, memories and portfolio. So, grab your camera and take images that will tell stories for years to come.

Bird Watching

Killarney offers miles and miles of wilderness for a field trip for you and your family or group to enjoy bird watching. Who could resist the scenic beauty of the La Cloche mountain range and the song of the birds. To name just a few we have robins, bluebirds, red-winged black birds, goldfinches, a variety of woodpeckers, eagles, loons and the great herons. We know there are more varieties of birds here in Killarney, but we could use some help identifying them.

You can also join the staff at Killarney Provincial Park when they undertake their annual bird count in December and their spring and summer loon count. To view more information about this click here.

Kayaking In Killarney


Canoe or kayak Tyson Lake, Wolf Creek, Spoon Lake and several other waterways. We have a variety of canoes and kayaks for you to use at no extra charge.

View from Fishing Boat


A fisherman’s dream come true. The clean and pristine water of Tyson Lake are filled with bass, pike and lake trout. You will need a valid Ontario fishing license.

Couple Hiking


All Killarney’s hiking trails cover uneven and rocky terrain. Sturdy footwear, plenty of water and a park map and compass is recommended. Killarney Provincial Park offers five day-use hiking trails plus may other hiking opportunities. To view more information on hiking trails please visit the Hiking page.

Killarney Centennial Museum & The Old Killarney Jail House

Killarney Centennial Museum & The Old Killarney Jail House

In this museum, you are able to trace the towns history from the time of the fur trade to the present. During the late 1970s, the Killarney Community Improvement Association re-opened the jail house, but as a museum to be explored by the general public. For further information on either one of these activities please visit

Science North

Science North

This gem is known for its unique style and blend of science. Located right next to The Big Nickel in Sudbury Ontario. Enjoy Science North’s fun and hands-on learning experience! For more information visit

The Big Nickel

Dynamic Earth

Dynamic Earth is opening seasonally from March – September. Come explore this hands-on science centre which features earth and mining experiences. There is a complete underground guided tour, and exhibits which provide entertainment for visitors of all ages. Not to mention they are home to The Big Nickel itself. For more information on Dynamic Earth please visit:

Northern Ontario Museum and Heritage Centre

Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre

Discover railroading at the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre. This museum is home to a number of exhibits which display the region’s railroad heritage, as well as their lumber and mining heritage. Visit their website at